1st NIGHT : In the afternoon, departure is from a hotel in Merzouga where you will drop off your luggage. A qualified guide accompanies you during your stay. He knows the region and its history very well. It brings you to discover everything that is important and tells you in detail about the region, the daily life of the nomads and their traditions. The walk can last an hour and a half to get to the bivouac set in the countryside to spend the night. A short break is planned to enjoy tea. Then, we continue walking towards the high sand dunes to attend the fabulous sunset. Then return to camp for dinner. The evening must be animated with local music in a rhythm allowing everyone to sing and dance under a clear and clear sky to see the moon and the stars that shine intensely. And to sleep, nomadic tents, well equipped, are installed there.

2nd NIGHT : In the morning, when we wake up, we go again to the high dunes to see the sunrise and return to camp for a breakfast. And to finish the hike, we return to Marzouga on foot and return to the hotel so that everyone can take a shower and collect his luggage.